User analytics as a service

Monitor your user's behavior in real-time to detect and report abnormal user activities.

UX tracking in three simple steps

Understand your users’ hidden gems for better ROI and avoid traps for impeccable conversions.

Heatmaps visualization

Conversion tracking

User session playback

Webpage archive

Realtime user behaviour

Time on site tracking

Why choose UX Sniff ?

“UX reporting for everyone”

“I mainly use UX sniff for heatmaps and reporting UX issues to management. To this day I am yet to find other UX software that present reports as brilliantly as UX sniff. They use a top-down approach that works very well, with high-level insights that are useful for management and fine-grained details that allow technical follow-through. It has consistently delivered what I was looking for.”

Verified reviewer

Marketing and advertising


Rage alert

Automatically detects abnormal user activities and behaviour.

Auto archive

Auto archives your web pages if significant changes are detected on the website.

Unlimited sessions

Provides unlimited pageviews, heatmaps, and session playback.

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We’ll track your UX for you

Measure and fine-tune UX to help your website achieve its purpose.

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