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Full-featured, cloud-based

Quality management solution

Make every quality process collaborative and easy to follow with even distribution and accountable delegation, reducing wasted time, and making your team more efficient. 

Boost process cycle times and eliminate errors


Interactive emails

Real-time chats

Progress charts

User analytics

Configurable forms

"With Unifize, we're finally closing 100% our consumer incidents and deviations on time."

Improve collaboration

Focus on one objective at a time with a distinct conversation for every process record. Communicate around processes faster and more effectively.

David Cline

Chief Operating Officer

Personalize to your needs

Get set up or modify any process with a few clicks. Easily map to your existing processes and make rapid changes with configurable process templates.

"Through Unifize we are already showing that our average time to closure is now 7.2 days, that’s a 75% improvement!"

Get actionable insights

Gain end-to-end visibility of all conversations and process data. Understand processes and progress trends using configurable charts and dashboards.

Tedd Carr

Director of Quality

Speed up innovation and continuous improvement

Save up to $20,000 per team member by reducing wasted time and errors. See Unifize in action. 





Unifize is a cloud-based platform that helps manufacturing companies humanize their processes.

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