All-in-one, flexible

Purpose-built ERM

Essential ERM gives you the tools to identify, manage, and monitor risk while driving strategy and exploiting new opportunities. 

Supporting customers in over 30 countries and 17 industries


Innovative and dynamic enterprise risk management

Improve risk visibility

Enable a unified risk register and bridge the communication gap between boards, executives, and operational units.

Advance decision making and problem solving

Make faster and improved decisions based on transparent, traceable, and systematic information and visualizations.

Boost internal culture and business integrity

Include all aspects of risk that may threaten your strategic objectives with our modern enterprise risk management system.


Features to track, mitigate, and report

Flexible Risk Register

Dynamically rank your risks in an intuitive drag and drop environment. Filter risks by objective, business area, owner, and more.

Risk Trends

Highlight changes and trends for your senior leadership and board. See how risks in specific categories are trending.

Voting and Action Plans

Add democracy to your risk program and increase engagement in the ERM process with real-time and remote voting.

Risk Reporting

Leverage dynamic reports or instantly export to Power BI & Tableau. Built-in functionality allows you to export your data to 3rd party applications.

Automatic Action Plans

Collect updates and make sure important actions get done. Engage users and others with intuitive automated reminders.

Built-in Risk Bow Tie

Conduct risk assessments and analysis, run risk workshops, model risk scenarios, and more with built-in risk bow tie diagrams. 


See What Our Customers are Saying on Capterra

"The Essential ERM Software is an intuitive dynamic tool that takes a relatively complex subject area and allows the user to simplify the process of risk assessment, quantification and tracking of identified risks. This has been a big help to our team as we look to expand the knowledge base and accountabilities of our team as we look to embed ERM into our orgainzation.."

Steve D.

Director of Finance & Controller

"If you don't have any existing ERM processes, Essential ERM is a great way to jump start a consistent method for identifying and managing risks in your organization. It is easy to use and encourages true understand of the risks so you can address the reason the risk exists, not just the consequence."

Carol W.

ERM Consultant

"[Essential ERM] is flexible in meeting our needs and growing with us, as well as encouraging collaboration across our organization. While Essential ERM does provide great training and support, the software is intuitive and easy to pick-up."

Bob N.

Chief Operating Officer

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