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With over 20 years in the industry, Stock IQ helps businesses run efficiently, improve forecast accuracy, and reduce inventory levels while providing unmatched service to your customers.

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100% Committed to Your Success

Optimize Inventory

Reduce inventory by 10-30% through accurate forecasts and advanced inventory analytics.

Keep Customers Happy

Increase customer satisfaction by 10-30% through data-backed planning and reduced stock outs.

Increase Efficiency

Improve planning cycle time by 50-70% through automation and alert-based planning.

Improve Your Inventory Through Enhanced Visibility

StockIQ helps you find and solve problems quickly with proven analytics and reporting.

Demand Forecasting

Generate accurate, collaborative, actionable forecasts with StockIQ's forecasting algorithms.

Smart Inventory Planning

IQ helps you meet customer service objectives and alerts you to potential stock out or excess situations.

DRP/MRP Order Planning

Get automated PO suggestions, transfers, and work orders that are seamlessly transmitted to your ERP.

Supplier Scorecard

Track supplier lead time and fill rate performance to monitor and improve on time delivery metrics.

Capacity Planning

Monitor and automatically adjust production plans to supplier and manufacturing capacity constraints.

Sales & Operations Planning

Utilize product hierarchy to generate and report on demand, supply, inventory and capacity plans.

More Great Features

Reporting & Analytics

Exception-Based Planning

Mobile Access

Promotion Analysis

Inventory Balancing

Customer Analysis

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“Agnostic Tech With Top-Tier Support”

"StockIQ was able to handle all of our needs, even when a few required some slight tweaks. The implementation team was committed to our success and continued to help us optimize our settings."

Andrew C.

Category Manager, Wholesale


“Great Software, Even Better Service”

"The transition to StockIQ has been pretty seamless with the help of the team. It makes ordering much more efficient. We've been able to identify trends and increase our supply to meet demands and increase sales."

Leeanne R.

Director of Purchasing, Automotive


Inventory and Demand Planning Made Simple

See how StockIQ can help your business improve turns and service level while reducing stockouts and excess.



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