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Streamline Your Sales Process From Qualifier to Close

SharkByte is an all-in-one sales tool for mechanical service contractors. Our solution eliminates the need for multiple software tools to manage your sales, estimating, and proposal processes.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce time to complete the sales process and improve close rates.

Increase Profits

Increase revenue and improve gross profits.

Enhance Communication

Simplify sales tracking and improve communication between sales and service management.

Tools to Manage Your Sales Cycle

Mobile Surveying


Improve accuracy and decrease survey completion time. Our surveys cover building operations, equipment, and financial information.

Create accurate estimates for service agreements and projects quickly and easily. Utilize base templates for many different types of equipment.

Easily collect detailed equipment information/pictures

Adjust for building conditions and equipment age

Equipment pushes surveys to our estimating tool

Incorporate contractor labor rates, pricing, and mark ups

Proposal Generation

CRM and Reporting

Rapidly create professional proposals in just a few clicks. Use our templates or upload your current proposal templates to reduce quoting errors.

Get better insight into the sales process and funnel to maximize sales performance. Our real-time dashboards provide extensive forecasting and more.

Setup a standard set of terms and conditions

Report on sales, quotes, activities, close rate, and more

Easily add detailed and accurate scopes of work

Create one page sales progress reports for performance and review meetings

Sales and Service Management

Maximize sales performance and meet company sales goals. Easily monitor individual performance and manage multiple reps or large territories.

Focus on training, coaching, and managing KPIs

Identify qualified opportunities in the sales pipeline and areas where management intervention is needed

What Our Customers Are Saying On

"SharkByte expedites the sales cycle in a way that no other software out there does. The capability to survey, estimate, and propose both projects and contracts in the same day is a game changer that separates us from our competition by exceeding customer expectations. SharkByte provides a user-friendly interface that will engage any sales person and provides the reporting and tracking function to take your sales management to the next level."

"SharkByte has allowed me to be able to focus on the important part of sales ⁠— the customer. Prior to using this software, we relied solely on spreadsheets built in house with little to no accountability, transparency, or consistency. I now have a format that is used by all of our team members for estimating and the ability to track and manage our pipeline. Great product with even better customer service."

Caroline M.

Ray C.

Operations, Mechanical Contractor

Service Manager, Mechanical Contractor

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SharkByte is an all-in-one CRM solution designed for service contractors. Our office is based in sunny Fort Myers, FL.

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