ComprehensiveLocation-Based Solution

Position Logic is a GPS tracking tool that enables asset management through configurable modules and multi-device integrations.


Why Position Logic

Our solutions are designed with simplicity and the user in mind.

Improve Efficiency

Utilize real-time alerts enabling fleet managers to make better, faster decisions.

Empower your Team

Capture data to streamline operations, reduce costs, and generate efficiencies.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce driver and vehicle downtime with better visibility into the location of vehicles, people ,and assets.


Adaptable Solutions to Create an Advantage

Full-featured location-based services solutions from Position Logic create a competitive advantage.

API Integration

Benefit from value-added functionality offered by our integration partners and professional services.

Data Recovery

Recover historical, archived, or lost data quickly and easily via professional services.

Cargo Solutions

Save time and money up front and in the long run, with accurate data collection and analysis.

In-Vehicle Video 

Protect your drivers and mitigate costs by leveraging AI-driven alerts to prevent collisions commonly associated with human error.

Map Layering

Integrate overlay maps with more detailed information than standard maps.

Configurable Development 

Integrate tracking devices from your choice of manufacturer.

Track, Monitor, and Manage Vehicles, Assets, and Individuals with One Comprehensive Solution


What Our Clients Think About Us

Clients in over 50 countries are powering their location-based services with Position Logic’s GPS tracking software.

“To those who may be considering a GPS Tracking Solution: Only time will tell you when you have made the best choice, for the owners of the company Position Logic that time is now. The name chosen for their company could not have been better selected."

"...Working with Position Logic’s team and on its platform has proven to be not only a highly effective opportunity for immediate market readiness and a profitable return on investment, but extremely encouraging in terms of team spirit and round the clock support."

"Since day one of dealing with PL, I knew they were different. Unlike most software providers PL seemed to listen more to my vision and take the time to think through features and functions that I knew were critical for my business."

Justin D.L. Harvey

Doug Crawford

Jesús Flores Estrada, CEO

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