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Streamline Your Veterinary Practice

Focus on efficient practice management, better client engagement, and optimal patient care with PetDesk – the all-in-one veterinary solution built to improve the lives of staff and pets alike.

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Empower Your Team and Engage Your Clients

Automate time-consuming tasks so your staff can spend less time on busy work and more time with clients and patients.

Appointment management and reminders

Smart VoIP phone system

Reputation management and reviews

Online payments and billing

Forms and intake management

Loyalty programs and promotions

"Less phone time and a fun app."

"It's been great. I feel like I can concentrate more on my job and it helps our receptionist and manager to communicate with our clients in an efficient manner. This software has saved me so much time.”


Head Certified Veterinary Technician


Reach Your Practice's Full Potential

Transform Your Client Communication

Reach more pet owners and boost retention with automated reminders via text, email, and phone.

Save Your and Your Team's Valuable Time

Increase staff efficiency with online booking, and digitize records for easy access, making client visits seamless.

Engage Clients at Every Step of the Journey

Make it easy for clients to schedule, pay for, and manage all their pet's needs in one place.

Less Busy Work.Better Patient Outcomes.

Discover PetDesk to see how you can streamline communications, boost revenue, ease your staff’s workload, and more.




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