Create Powerful Financial Models

OnPlan delivers scenario planning, budget vs. actual analysis, and forecasting for fast-growing companies—wrapped in the comfort of the spreadsheets finance knows and loves.

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Give Your Spreadsheets Superpowers

OnPlan allows you to plan for every scenario in a flexible and familiar experience, so you're Board-ready every day.

"What If" Scenarios

Generate “What If” scenarios with ease. Compare the forecast of one scenario vs another and view deltas easily.

Budget vs. Actuals

Track your company’s performance with our Budget vs. Actual (BVA) tool. See conditionally formatted deltas when comparing any two scenarios against each other.


Get granular control over who can interact with all aspects of your model and designate roles such as executive, board member, investor and more. 


Choose from a wide variety of pre-made dashboards, sales, and marketing modules to make your model that much better.

Board Reporting

Benchmark your performance against pre-populated SaaS benchmarks to provide an overview of your performance.

Google Slides & Google Sheets

Get unparalleled flexibility with four-way synchronization between Google Sheets, Google Slides, and OnPlan.


Why OnPlan

Work Faster

Save time with multiple software integrations.

Improve Productivity

Increase productivity with best-practice templates.

Boost Revenue

Gain visibility with "What if" scenarios.

Do More with Integrations

Take your model to the next level with OnPlan’s integrations with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Zapier.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I really love the user interface, modularity, and power of the platform. It makes a very complex process easier to manage."

Gerald Sullivan

Head of FP&A, Redbubble

"The direct integration with Quickbooks saves us a ton of time. But the two critical issues OnPlan has solved is making sure we don't run out of cash, and having a trustworthy forecast that we can base decision making on."

Sunil Saha

CEO, Perkville

Optimize and Streamline Your Financial Modeling

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