One-Stop AML Compliance That Accelerates Growth

Empower your business with our AML, KYC/B and ID&V solution so you can make faster decisions and onboard customers in seconds – not days.

Trusted AML Compliance Partner

Streamline Your Processes & Enhance Visibility at Scale

Cut Operational Costs

Reduce compliance costs with enhanced due diligence and quick KYC/B and verification checks.

Improve Insight & Compliance

Get better insights into your process effectiveness and easily comply with evolving legislation.

Monitor in Real-Time

Easily manage your regulatory compliance with automatic alerts for counterparty risk profile changes.

Ensure Compliance for Customers Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Rely on NorthRow's user-friendly experience to quickly and easily complete tasks from a single centralised compliance view.

KYC & KYB Screening

Understand the nature of the clients’ activities, verify their legitimacy and identify risk factors for prevention.

Ongoing Monitoring

Receive real-time information security and automated 24-hour review alerts with updates for any changes to records.

Case Management 

Expose high-risk clients with PEPs, Sanctions and CCJs with multiple checks combined into risk-rated cases.

Risk Scoring

Improve risk management instantly via RAG scoring (Red, Amber, Green) and understand clients’ risk parameters.

PEPs & Sanctions

Understand and simplify risk levels by verifying and monitoring your clients in real time against industry-leading data.

Scheduled Reviews

Continually track, review and report on the risk of a client’s profile through periodic and thorough re-reviews.

See Why Customers Trust NorthRow

"Thanks to NorthRow we can onboard, verify and monitor our clients quickly and efficiently, whilst ensuring that the highest levels of regulatory compliance are met."

George McNaughton

Head of Compliance

"With NorthRow’s help we can not only streamline client onboarding and meet AML regulations, but we know that we have the best due diligence and fraud protection system in the market."

Zain Mirza

Head of Operations

See Workstation in Action

Transform Your Onboarding & Compliance Processes

Reduce operational costs and achieve AML compliance with WorkStation – your daily tool for efficient Anti Money Laundering checks to detect and push fraudsters out.

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