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AI-Powered, Easy-to-Use Supply Chain Planning

Logility makes it easy to see the moving pieces of your supply chain while speeding up planning decisions and cycling inventory faster.

Make better strategic decisions

Improve your operating performance

Easily integrate with your systems

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Accelerate your digital supply chain from product concept to delivery with:

Advanced Analytics

Supply Chain
Data Management

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Get smarter over time

Discover fact-based prediction powered by machine learning to analyze big data for better predictions.

Accurately measure performance and plan

Use volumetric and financial metrics to improve your supply chain and gauge actual versus planned activity.

Improve supply chain efficiency

Automate activities related to demand, replenishment and availability with IoT sensors, improving productivity.

Streamline how you manage your supply chain

Logility can help you seize new opportunities, sense and respond to market dynamics, and profitably manage your complex global business.

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We are a proven leader in supply chain management.

“Now everything is all done in Logility”

“...helped us drive cost out of our network”

"Prior to Logility there were three sets of forecast and budget numbers: sales, finance and supply chain. Now everything is all done in Logility. It’s one budget, one forecast."

"Partnering with Logility for supply planning has helped us drive cost out of our network, deliver to our customer's expectations and continue to improve on our performance."

Elaine Videu

Corey Graven

Senior Planning Manager

Vice President of Supply Chain North America


Improve Decision Making with AI-based Supply Chain Planning