Edge Platform for Industry 4.0

Litmus Edge is the only flexible and scalable edge platform that provides the data connectivity needed to collect, analyze, manage, and integrate asset data at scale.

One Platform to Collect, Analyze, and Integrate Data

We have everything you need to improve your operations at the edge. Litmus Edge is the only edge platform to connect to all industrial assets – PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian, Sensors, ERP, and more.

Flexible & Scalable Edge Platform

Analyze and Manage Data at the Source

Real-Time Data Collection and Processing

Visualize Data with Pre-Built Analytics

Send Ready-To-Use Data to Any Cloud or Enterprise Application

Achieve a Complete Data Picture

Why Choose Litmus Edge ?

Simplify Industry 4.0

Collect, analyze, manage, and integrate data with our all-in-one platform.

"Litmus Edge has been integral for delivering rapid IoT solutions to the Manufacturing market. The platform allows us to build all our IoT use cases quickly and effectively to deliver the best possible experience for consumers."

Koji Kamimura

Global Manager IS Connected Services, Nissan Motor Corporation

Enable IoT Use Cases

Get the edge connectivity and intelligence needed to enable dozens of use cases, ranging from predictive maintenance and asset condition monitoring to machine learning and industrial IoT.

Gather Data Intelligence

Collect, normalize, and send ready-to-use edge data to any cloud, AI, big data, data lake or IT system for advanced analytics and machine learning.

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

Connect with Litmus for edge intelligence simplified and derive value immediately for improved operational efficiency.

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