Web Based Platform for Credit Collection & Dispute Resolution

Kuhlet delivers improved debtor and disputes management by taking control of your collection process to effectively organize and prioritize the activities.

Kuhlekt SAAS Solution

A professional, timely, and collaborative approach to collections and dispute management.

DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)

SOX Compatibility

Global View of Regions

Reporting Suite

Operations Management

Payment Plans

Why Choose Kuhlekt?

“Easiest and most adaptable system I’ve ever used”

“We’ve used Kuhlekt since its inception and the updates we’ve seen since have made a massive difference. We are able to easily identify problem accounts, set reminders to follow up, and chase accounts that break payment arrangements. The tool is easy to update and everything required or requested gets added or resolved quickly. It provides visually appealing graphs to enable a quick view of the accounts. It also has the ability to keep all notes on the account including attachments.”

Tony A.

Debt Collector


Boost Cash Flow

Increase liquidity through driven collection and management focus.

Audit Compliance

Meet internal and external audit controls delivered in real time.

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs through refined management.

Better Debtor Management Through Process Driven Workflows and Accountable Reporting

Achieve a reduced DSO, better-improved cashflow & satisfied clients, all using fewer collection resources.

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