Take Full Control Of Your Training Management Needs

ISOtrain is a world leading dynamic product that will keep you in compliance with your corporate management and regulatory agencies' training requirements.

Why Choose ISOtrain:

Total Learner Management

Serves as an empirical tool to enable more effective and consistent risk based decisions.

Support Training Models

Effectively facilitate blended learning and improve organizational productivity across the enterprise.

Standard for Practices

Transparent execution and management of training assignments within a configurable, secure process.

Increased Productivity

Reduces time and effort to manage

training requirements for anybody,

anytime, anywhere.

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Key Features of ISOtrain

Qualification Process

Web-Based and Mobile Apps

Training Requirements

From Personnel and Requirements to Training and Qualifications, ISOtrain collects, processes and delivers  all training related information.

Empower your employees with qualification ownership through an Online Training Portal.

Through a personalized Dashboard and Android/iOS Mobile features, you can remotely control all your LMS needs.

Training History


Tracking and Reporting

Seamlessly integrate your employee, training and qualification data with third party applications.

Effortlessly track learning in your organization with real-time reporting and graphical view statistics at any time.

Keep a training profile of every person in your organization and set data access levels with ease.

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