See inVIEW in Action

Easy-to-Use, Cloud-Based

Industrial IOT Platform

Cloud solution for remote supervisory, control, and data acquisition projects.The inVIEW IIoT Platform can be used in industrial, residential, infrastructure, or home automation projects.



Unlimited Users

The inView IIoT platform is based on the subscription model - Pay as you go and only for what you use

Create and fully configure data acquisition, apps, and data visualization without coding/programming.

Allow an unlimited number of simultaneous users and an unlimited number of connected devices.

Cloud Solution for Remote Supervisory

Visualize and control any kind of real-world, automated processes or application using web-browsers.

Microservices create, a reliable, scalable platform

HTML5 technology for visualization in all browsers, on all devices and with every operating system

MQTT and OPC-UA Compatible 

Web browser only, for the user interface, app development, device management 

Data-logging, integrated alarms, events and notification management 

Tracking user management and administration

See How inVIEW Can Connect All Your Things

inVIEW solution can be used in any application, to get data from any kind of device/equipment, and to visualize it in any browser on mobile or desktop devices.

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