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Find the perfect influencer for your campaign with Hubble and speak directly to your target demographic while increasing revenue, brand awareness, and most importantly customer loyalty.

Discover and Manage the Right Influencers for Your Clients with Hubble

Simplify Outreach

Access Statistics

Collect Content

Improve your inquiry process and manage influencer outreach campaigns in one place. 

Get real-time statistics on influencers with our engagement rate/reach calculator before deciding to engage with them.

Easily capture influencer and customer posts, stories, and reels without having to search through multiple social platforms.

"Hubble is fantastic for social media outreach. We use it daily to track our influencers, monitor what they are doing and outreach on new campaigns. I would particularly recommend for E-Commerce sellers who are using social media to increase their sales."

Jeremy C.

E-Commerce Manager

Source:footnote1 Capterra

Find the Voice Your Brand Needs

Campaign Management

Influencer Database

Influencer Engagement Rate/Reach Calculator

User Generated Content Downloading (UGC)

CRM For All Social Contacts, Influencers, and Customers

APIs With Shopify, Shipstation, Klaviyo

Start Speaking Your Brand Message Directly to Your Target Audience

Determine the true reach and engagement of potential influencers and how large of an audience will see your product. Target niches and keywords to ensure your message is being delivered to the right audience.


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