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HR Acuity's investigation management platform helps organizations control how they respond to employee issues. Create transparency with the ability to track, investigate, and analyze issues the right way.

Manage Employee Issues - the Right Way

4.6% increase in business partner team efficacy.

$2.4 million PV strategic insight gain  with enhanced employee brand advocacy.

20% increase in team efficacy through process, consistency and discipline.

Reduce risk and related costs of employee litigation, settlements and reputation-damaging headlines.

All the Features You Need to Track, Investigate and Analyze in a Single Solution

Our guided best practices take the guesswork out of investigations with a step-by-step guide trough the process.

Interview Templates

Guide investigators through interviews with standardized templates.

Communications Tracking

Keep all parties informed at every step with a complete record of all communications.

Decision-Maker Workflows

Manage handoffs between investigators and decision-makers to remain compliant.

And Even More Great Features...

Contact Management

Data Management

Incident Management

Subject Profiles

Reporting & Statsitics

Case Reports

See How We Help Our Customers Manage Investigations with Our Proven Methodology

"HR Acuity is of benefit to both the HR professional who is relatively new to conducting investigations as well as the seasoned investigator. I highly recommend this system to anyone who conducts even ONE investigation a year. The Employee Relations Case side of the system is a helpful way of tracking FMLA cases and other minor employee complaints and issues."

Maureen C.

HR Director

Source: Capterra

"I can't imagine life without HR Acuity, now that I've been using it for a year to track all employee relations issues. It's absolutely indispensable to me in my day-to-day work. [It] provides much-needed structure to the employee relations and investigations processes, even across large and diverse regions and employee populations... [and] creates very professional investigation reports."

Rebecca T.

Regional HR Director

Source: Capterra

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Conduct Transparent Investigations with Fair Fact Finding

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