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Monitor, Analyze and Improve User Experience, 24/7, in Near-Real-Time

GermainAPM identifies use cases and root causes of issues down to the user click, scenario and technology.

Save Time

Be Proactive

Improve Business

Use automated workflows to set up real-time performance alerts, via email or SMS.

Apply automation to fix user issues, improve user experience, etc

Identify gaps and issues at any point in your business processes to drive effective business operations.

100% Customer Retention since 2014

Configurable, Impactful Features

User Session Monitoring

User Behavior Insights

Root-Cause Analysis

Monitor and watch/replay what users do on your web application.

Understand UX at scale with a complete set of metrics.

Break down user clicks, movement and response times.

Chrome Extension

JS Script Deployment

Business Insights

De-bug code in real time for apps built in any Javascript language.

Insert back-end monitoring scripts for a variety of platforms.

Improve ROI with business process management metrics.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“Germain provides better tool experience and navigation performance. The recent upgrade for HTML Applications performance monitoring is significant.”

“Germain has significantly helped my organization and by extension the operations of the AAdvantage program.”

Rob M.

Jerry D.

American Airlines


Monitor the Performance and Impact of Mission-Critical Application Issues

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