Comprehensive 911 Interoperability Solution

FirstResponse911 allows PSAPs to automatically route

 911 incident data to responding agencies based on established policies and procedures. 


Our flexible solutions allows you to add or remove 911 call centers and responding agencies anytime as needed.


Improve emergency response time and improve patient care by automatically transferring incident data.


Minimize clerical errors and reduce stress/workload on dispatchers and public safety agencies.

Unmatched Features to Streamline Emergency Response

Selective Call Data Transfer

Continuous Incident Updates

Automatically transfer 911 incident data based on PSAP dispatching rules (e.g. geofencing, priority, custom).

Share real-time incident updates including address change, EMD change, CAD narrative, and more.

Improved Personnel Safety

Reporting and Auditing

CAD narrative keyword search to notify responding agencies of potential dangers.

Report on 911 incident data transfers, acknowledgments, and other audit metrics.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’ve set up an automatic relay using FirstResponse911 that provides our dispatchers the ability to see call information on intake by the County 911 PSAP. It improves response time thus the entire process takes less than a minute and requires limited data entry by our dispatchers.”

Devan Seabaugh

MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service

Improve EMS Interoperability, Accountability, and Response Time with FirstResponse911

See FirstResponse911 In Action

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