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Docsketch is a comprehensive electronic signature tool for legally binding e-signatures and faster document signing.

3,000+ businesses use Docsketch for easy electronic signatures

Sign, Track, and Approve Documents with Ease

Eliminate Errors

Improve Turnaround Time

Ensure Compliance

Document Signing and Workflows

Complete and/or Sign Documents in Any Order

Archive and protect signed documents from further changes; they're as legally valid as pen-and-paper documents.

Choose whether to let signers complete your documents at once, or one-by-one in a specific order. 

Templates and Audit Trails

Track, Reuse, and Maintain All of Your Common Documents

Turn any document into a template, and access it from anywhere online.

Easily meet legal requirements. Docsketch tracks and maintains an audit trail of all the important activity related to your documents.

Template Links

Automate Document Signing by Embedding a Signing Link

Upload documents you'd like to get signed and get a Template Link that people can click to get their own copy of the document to sign.

Receive instant notifications so you know when a file has been opened.

See 40% faster turnaround on contracts

Get instant notifications when contracts are opened

Ensure 100% legally binding paperless contracts

Customers Love Docsketch

"[Docsketch] is easy to use and simply gets the job done. The team is constantly enhancing the product and is listening to the customer base."

"Docsketch provided a simple, affordable, and professional-looking way for me to get contracts signed quickly. Plus, it's is easier to use and more elegant than DocuSign. I love it."

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Save Time with Easy Digital Signatures

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