Allow people to thrive with learning and development

Brainier LMS creates individualized learning experiences that employees can access anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Why choose Brainier

"Brainier LMS gets the job done. This LMS has many features that make it easy for users and administrators to use the system to produce the best results. The Student portal of the LMS is fantastic. It is very intuitive and consistent with other web platforms."

Eric L.

Professional Development Manager


Create a personalized learning experience

Create an immersive learning environment that feels like a natural extension of your brand experience rather than a third-party add-on.

Track learner progress

Access a real-time view of learner progress using native reporting dashboards, data visualization tools, and custom reporting functions.

Contribute to broader goals

Foster a deeper connection with employees and prepare them for a new role, process, or a development goal.

Help your employees reach their full potential with our comprehensive features

Instructor-led training capabilities

Advanced learning analytics

Personalized learning experiences—at scale

Technology-integrated attendance tracking

Built-in course library

Mobile learning app

Empower learners, support management, and exceed business objectives

See Brainier in action





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