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Computer security software you can trust

AdsPower protects your identity from unauthorized browser fingerprinting while you browse different environments for each account.

Manage multiple browsing accounts with complete privacy


Proxy integration

Application center

Browser automation

Social media automation

Multi-account management

Keep your identity and accounts secure with AdsPower

Safeguard identity

"I have a great amount of accounts, so I found three functions of AdsPower most helpful: batch import, automatically match proxy IP and automation. My business has seen a significant growth with AdsPower. I'll recommend it to my friends."


Hide your online identity and protect yourself from unauthorized browser fingerprinting.

Manage accounts

Manage multiple accounts in a centralized and efficient manner in separate environments.

Complete tasks

Leverage local API to wrap up tasks easily and save a lot of time and effort.

Share data quickly to collaborate efficiently

Distribute accounts / permissions efficiently, share account information within your group, and synchronize your data in real-time to the cloud. 


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